League Information


icon1 Played at Ferndale Youth Hall, Southbrook Street, Swindon
icon1 A members league for Junior (under 18) and adult practice partners
icon1 Suitable for all levels of play improvers to advance standard
icon1 No away games, they are all played at the same venue and each match only takes 2 Hours
icon1 Teams of two, one Junior and one Senior – the coach will arrange the  teams
icon1 It`s a great introduction to competitive play, and good fun with Trophies
icon1 In summary, its 2 hours, 2 a side 2 good 2 miss!

Swindon League Fixtures for 2017-2018 Season

League Fixtures 2017-2018 Season

Notes on the table above

‘a’ denotes an away match.
The dates shown along the top of the chart are week commencing dates.
Team numbers are shown in the left-most column.
Completion date for league matches is 27th April 2018.

Ferndale Teams & Their Home Nights

Division 1 Division 2
1 – – – – – – 1 St. Saviours Wed
2 Ferndale A Mon 2 Ferndale G Mon
3 Ridgeway Wed 3 Buckland B Tues
4 – – – – – – 4 NALGO A Mon
5 Sanford Link A Tues 5 Ferndale D Thu
6 Sanford Link C Tues 6 Sanford Link E Tues
7 Northside Thu 7 Ferndale E Mon
8 Ferndale C Mon 8 Ferndale F Mon
9 Nationwide Wed 9 Ferndale H Mon
10 Buckland A Thu 10 NALGO B Mon
11 Sanford Link B Thu 11 Sanford Link D Thu
12 – – – – – – 12 Sanford Link F Thu

For further information on fixtures, teams and match locations, please refer to your copy of the Swindon Table Tennis League Handbook

If you haven’t yet received your copy of the handbook please either see Val or Rosemary and they can provide you with a copy.

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