Division 1 FERNDALE  ‘A’ Pradeep Bhardwaj,

Joseph Bango,

Hue Ngo,

Tim O’Mahoney

  FERNDALE  ‘B’ Ken Jackson,

Shrey Bhardwaj,

Mark Jackson

Division 2 FERNDALE  ‘C’ David Kimber,

Stuart Hobbs,

Paul Johnson,

Brenda Baldwin

  FERNDALE  ‘D’ Debra Sealy,

Ron White,

Jamie Warren

  FERNDALE  ‘E’ Nick Newton,

Tanya Brown,

David Taylor

  FERNDALE  ‘F’ Romain Girard,

Chris Field,

James Laytham,

Andrew Smith

  FERNDALE  ‘G’ Mark Newman,

John Lewis,

Michael Thomas,

Daniel Johnstone,

Daren Leckie


National Cadet League South West Division 2 winners at Cirencester (2015)


From left to right Kristian Kember, Archie Best, Hugo Stevenett, Jack Midwinter.

Could you be next years winners? We are looking for 11 – 14 year olds to train to be in our
cadet teams for next season. If you are interested please visit our club on Thursday or
Monday evening.

Ferndale After School Club is now up and running on Thursdays from 3:30PM to 4:30PM in the Community Hall

Ferndale Table Tennis Club are looking for new players of any age to join our League teams.
If you would like to come down and try us out or know someone who may, please contact Valerie Clack on 01793 537464 / 07977 902184 or email